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With the Internet becoming an important information outlet for agents, Mexico’s presence on the web has grown rapidly, Retail agent’s report that surfing the net is becoming indispensable for destination and supplier updates. Here are a few sites worth seeing.
Mexico’s official web site, sponsored by SECTUR, Over 40,000 pages of info, including loads of photos, point and click maps, detailed lodging listings, sightseeing options, and much more.
Unvalled by SECTUR in April, 1999 to counterbalance negative media coverage; contains travel tips, safety briefings, and unbiased white paper by former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, James R. Jones.
A valuable Mexico "index" with specific links to all sorts of Mexico sites. Features Travel and Leisure Culture and History, Politics, and links to over 100 individual hotel sites and several Mexico destination sites. Good retirement coverage also included.
A comprehensive Mexico site: insightful general travel tips and loads of links to hotel web sites and destination information sources. Some destination info is short on details, but coverage includes both mainstream and lesser-known areas of Mexico. Includes both mainstream and lesser-known areas of Excellent Mundo Maya link (. com/mundomaya) features state-by-state directories with hotels, dining local operators, ruins, ecological reserves, and excellent state maps.
One of Mexico’s better sites; features 15 beach/inland areas with point-and-click map. Destination coverage includes sightseeing, lodging, dining, shopping, sports, plus maps and color photos. Links to hotel sights are vey helpful. Reader Tips section has candid comments/reviews from travelers and is lertile ground for agents to seek new clients.
City-by-city review of Mexico destinations from the publishers of excellent Lonely Planet Mexico Guide Though not as complete as guidebook, site has color images, some off-the-beaten-track coverage, and valuable "travelers reports" section with comments from 95-96 Mexico visits by readers.
Links to Fodor’s guide books, plus Berkeley Guides, World Beat World Guides and others.

Display links to over 30 Mexico sites (some in Spanish) covering travel, culture, the arts, and some hotel links.

Link to Mexican Consulate in New York; excellent section on Mexican economic news, a "virtual gallery" with displays from Mexican artists residing in the New York area.
First rate site for Puerto Vallarta lovers. Includes events calendar, ecotourism infor, hotel links, general sightseeing info; a fun, well-assembled site with lots of links to Vallarta tourism suppliers.

Topics include business, finance, travel, and news items. Limited destination coverage (Mexico City/Los Cabos/Acapulco/others) does include city maps. Some hotel links with more planned.

Complet resource center on Mexico. Travel coverage (as "Directory & Info Centers") includes lodging links and some "official" tourism board sites.

Site breaks Mexico info Nin regios, then provides very insightful descriptions ("views") if what to see/do, how to get around. Wel written, honest critiques (if somewhat irreverent) try to cut through the hype and tell it like it is.
Baja aficionados will dig this very hip site; complete with video/audio enhancements and city-by-city Baja coverage. Sponsored by Mexico Excursions with Big Tuna Bill.
Complete listing of global "World Hentage" sites designed by UNESCO Mexico has 19 sites described in detail.
Largely in Spanish, this site features Mexican art and culture, with lots of links to sites with English translations. Packed with recipes!
An excellent site for eco-adventure options in Mexico and "academic" coverage of Mexican environmental issues. Index allows access to articies on Mexico ecotour-Ism and adventure travel experiences. Very insightful.
Official site for Mexicana Airlines. Excellent destination coverage for 16 Mexicana gateways (text) from Moon Publising Mexico guides, 1995 edition). Info on Mexi- Pass and MayaPass promotions.
Comprehensive site features artist’s life and work with links to other Mexican artist sites (including wife Frida Kahlo)
Official site for the President of Mexico. Get to know Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León, Mexico’s current leader.
Very helpfulf site with features on Travel, "Living", and Business. Loads of fascinat- ing articles with monthly- update info. Photo/Map Gallery and state-by-state cover-age from Variety of entertaining sources. Well written, on-target commentary on all sorts of Mexico Travel topics. Back issues of Lloyd Economic Reports.
Wow! What every destination site should aspire to be. Excellent coverage from American couple living in Mazatlán Insightful dining reviews, assitance with home/condo rentals, lots of pictures, maps, ferry info, events schedule, and helpful commentary by some real Mazatlán lovers.
Coverage art, travel, news intems. "Traditions" and living in Mexico. Somewhat lim- Ited destination coverage at present, but good coverage of San Miguel de Allende, Lake Chapala, Guanajuato.
A "Mexico Mail" with focus on travel, retirement, and relocation services. "Tourist Activities" reviews vacation pastimes (diving, golfing, hiking, whale watching, etc.). Mexico "book store" plus interactive map and lots of other Mexico links.
Spend some time with Mexico’s guru of groun travel-Mike Nelson. He trecks some 20,000 kms per year on Mexican highways and backroads. Good spa coverage! Humorous and honest tidbit on travel. Not to missed!
Site of Mexico Business, a first-rate monthly magazine on business, tourism goverm- Ment. Access to past articles from magazine can be downloade.
Informative overview ot the Copper Canyon rail journey; photos, maps, travel tips and other info.
Search engine for links to Mexico hotel properties via color map of Mexico; dozens of links to individual hotel sites and hotel chain sites.
Broad listing of links to variety of interesting Mexico sites; mostly hotel links.
Official site of the Mexican Cultural institute in New York; calendar of events, current affairs, film & Video notes; articles, plus links to Mexico museums, travel resources.ed montly and well woth a look.
From the publishers of the excellent monthly magazine "Mexico Desconocido" ("Unknown Mexico"). Excellent search capabilities from enormous archives of past issues (English and Spanish); on-line guides to Mundo Maya (with lots of photos), Copper Canyon, Sea of cortés and Colonial cities. First rate site.
A killer site for Cancun lovers; loads of visitor comments and links; great photos of beach conditions for every Cancun hotel! Dining, sightseeing, nightlife… the whole enchilada!
Very coul site with complete island description tours history-dining, adventure travel.
Impressive rundown on a dozen Mexico destinations with loads of links that touch on Various aspects of interest to visitors
From the publishers of Peoples Guide to Mexico by Carl Franz.
From the publishers of Travelers Guide to Mexico - atop notch site!
Comprehensive site with links and online bookings.
The "about-com" directory to many Mexican cities and Latin American travel info.

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